Are you looking for a dentist in NE Calgary? Here are the top 4 characteristics of a quality dental center that you should watch out for.

Whether it’s due to lack of time, fear of the dentist, or worries about high costs, it can be very easy to put off a visit to your local dental centre. Unfortunately, having teeth cleaned and checked is not always on the top of many people’s do-to-list, but it should be! Failing to visit your dentist regularly can lead to:  

  • Tooth loss
  • Stained teeth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Trouble eating and speaking
  • Dental pain and discomfort
  • Higher risk of certain medical conditions such as stroke and/or heart disease


State of the Art Dental Clinic in NE Calgary

At Marlborough Dental Centre, our dentists are committed to helping you obtain state-of-the-art oral healthcare services in NE Calgary. From wisdom teeth extractions, to dental checkups, whitenings, and emergency care, we have the skill, knowledge, and experience to provide the best service for all your oral health needs.

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Top 4 Qualities To Look For When Choosing a NE Calgary Dental Centre

If you want to maintain healthy teeth and gums, choosing a reputable dental centre is absolutely critical. However, finding a clinic that provides excellent services at affordable prices can be quite a challenge!

To help you get started on your search for the right NE Calgary dentist and dental centre, here are the top 4 qualities you should look out for:

  1. Hygiene. The number one thing you should watch out for when choosing a dental clinic is cleanliness. An office that is well-maintained and clean will give you the peace of mind that you’ll be protected from possible infections and that the environment is conducive to quality dental work.
  2. Staff friendliness. Going to the dentist can be hard enough and the last thing you need is unfriendly and unhelpful staff. When on your search, look for a dental centre that demonstrates excellent customer service and whose team will do whatever they can to answer your questions, help with billing and ensure you have the most pleasant experience possible.
  3. Comfort. Some aspects of going to the dentist are unpleasant, such as having x-rays done or extensive dental treatments performed. Make sure to find a dental clinic that strives to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Feeling like you’re in good hands can go a long way in creating a pleasant dental experience.
  4. Quality of the dental work. Most importantly, find a dentist that has the expertise to give you exceptional oral healthcare at an affordable price, and whose team is professional and committed to going out of their way to solve whatever issues you may have.


Searching For The Right Dental Centre? 8 Questions to Ask Your New Dentist

Finding the right dentist and dental centre is not an easy task! To make it simpler, here are some questions you should ask your potential dentist to ensure you make the most informed and best choice possible when it comes to your dental health.

  1. Do you treat patients of all ages, including children and seniors?
  2. How long has your dental clinic been in the area?
  3. Are you currently accepting new patients? How does one set up an appointment?
  4. Do you offer emergency dental care?
  5. Do you offer advanced dental services, such as sedation dentistry?
  6. What treatments do you perform in-house? Do you work alongside specialists that you can refer patients to?
  7. What are your opening hours?
  8. What payment options and insurance plans do you accept? Do you do direct billing?


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