At our Calgary Dental clinic, we see most patients twice a year. However, it’s what patients do between cleanings that makes the difference between oral health that’s merely adequate and a smile that’s truly healthy.

In this blog, we’ll outline 5 oral health habits that you should break to keep your smile bright, strong, and healthy.

1. Eating Sticky, Sweet Foods

From gummy candies to cinnamon rolls, sweet treats are delicious. However, they can also put patients at risk for cavities. Additionally, sweets with a sticky or gummy texture can be particularly negative for oral health. This is because they can cling to the teeth long after the last bite.

Our Tip

Consume sticky and sweet treats in moderation. Brush or rinse your mouth with water after enjoying them. If you have a serious sweet tooth, replace some of your sweet intake with less sticky items. Try lightly-sweetened baked goods, or better yet, with fruit or veggies!


2. Sipping Sweetened Drinks All Day

Do you love coffee or tea or always have a soda at your desk? Certain beverages can put your teeth at risk for staining, or even cavities or enamel erosion. Sipping a drink all day means that the beverage is in contact with your teeth for a longer amount of time.

Our Tip

Swap your sugary or acidic beverage for unsweetened tea or water.


3. Not Flossing

Flossing is non-negotiable, not an add-on to your oral health routine. However, over according to the Canadian Dental Association, only a quarter of Canadians (28%) floss 5 times a week. This is a problem because brushing alone doesn’t reach the entire tooth surface: in other words, flossing is instrumental in cleaning your teeth as thoroughly as possible!

Our Tip

Flossing takes only a few minutes, so make it a part of your morning routine. If you don’t floss because you find it uncomfortable, ask your Calgary dentist about tools such as floss threaders or interdental cleaners. Plus, dental floss comes in a wide variety of textures and flavours, which can add comfort for even the pickiest patients.

Some patients avoid flossing because it irritates their gums or causes bleeding. This means the gums are irritated and need more, not less care. Your dentist will likely advise you to keep flossing and let you know about options like saltwater rinses to help promote healing.


4. Brushing or Flossing Too Aggressively

“Seriously?” you might be asking, “dental professionals ALWAYS tell their patients to brush and floss frequently!” While it may seem like your Calgary dentist is never happy with your brushing and flossing habits, the truth is that there is a happy medium between not brushing and flossing enough, and doing so too aggressively. Brushing the teeth too hard can lead to gum irritation and even gum recession.

Our Tip

Invest in a soft-bristled electric toothbrush. This will prevent you from brushing too hard. Floss thoroughly but gently. Some patients brush aggressively because they feel that it helps your teeth “feel cleaner”. If this sounds like you, consider investing in a minty or cinnamon-flavoured toothpaste and using a mouth rinse.


5. Grinding Your Teeth

Tooth grinding can cause dull morning headaches, damaged teeth and gums, and facial paint. It can also contribute to conditions such as TMD.

Our Tip

Because tooth grinding has many causes, your Calgary dentist will work with you to determine any underlying causes. This can be as simple as providing you with a bite plate to prevent damage to the teeth. If the grinding has an underlying cause such as stress, this may also involve measures designed to reduce stress, such as a referral to a counsellor.


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