When dealing with kids, finding the right Calgary family dentist is essential in ensuring great oral care for your family. Not sure what factors to consider when looking for a family doctor that’s great with you and your kids? We’ll help. 

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a family dentist in NE Calgary. It is important that you chose a Calgary Dental hygienist that meets you and your family's needs. You want a dental hygienist that provides excellent pediatric care and can meet the needs of your entire family. With the right family dentist, every trip to the office can be a positive experience.

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The Following Criteria Are Helpful to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Family Dentist

  • Training - All Calgary dentists are required to attain specific qualifications to practice, however, you want a skilled dentist with whom you have a great rapport. Look for a family dentist with a high standard of care to ensure that you find a practice with the experience to give you the best dental care.
  • Experience -  A family dental hygienist that has worked with adults and kids, including very young children, can understand and respond to the diverse needs of you and your children: losing those first teeth, fluoride needs at all ages and even tooth whitening options.
  • Services - Services offered vary based on the family dentist or Calgary dental office you visit. Find a dentist that offers a wide range of services from teeth whitening to periodontal care so your family will have a dentist to call regardless of the situation.
  • Atmosphere - Your dental experience is not only affected by your Calgary dentist but also the dental staff and clinic space. You want to feel comfortable enough to be able to questions and vocalize concerns about everything from healthy snacks to flossing skills.
  • Accessibility - Look for a dental office that is practical, close-by and accommodating to patients with dental emergencies. When commuting with your entire family, proximity is important. Is the office close to your home, work or the kids’ school?
  • Reviews - It never hurts to get a feel for your potential Calgary family dentist from current and past patients. Reviews are a good way to get some insight into the quality of service, and overall atmosphere of a dental office, which can help with your decision making process. There are many places people review their dentists: Facebook, Google+, Yelp and several other websites.

Depending on your family’s unique needs and lifestyle, there are a number of factors to consider. Look for a family dentist with a high standard of care to ensure that you find a practice with the experience to give you the best dental care.

Every trip to the dentist's office is an opportunity to gain valuable insight into oral health and preventative care and have a professional educate your family on how to achieve good oral health.


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